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My family concists of my father, mother and two brothers. I will talk about my mother at first.

My mother's name is Radomíra Vaňková. She is 40 years old. She studied law. She is strict, but fair and she is diligent. I often admire her patience. I think she is good-looking. She has got brown eyes and hair similar to mine. She is sometimes angry with me because of my school marks. But In fact I know that she is proud of me, and she likes me. We sometimes have an argument, but I think we get on well.

Now I'm going to talk about my father. He's 40 too. His name is Jindřich. He studied medicine. My father is very cheerful and reliable person, but sometimes I feel he's worried about us, because he's responsible for our family. I think he's patient and diligent too. My father likes reading books or watching hockey or fotball matches We get on well. I seldom have an argument with my father. I hope I will not have an argument with my parents in the future. They respect my wishes, so I have to respect their wishes.

Now I will talk about my oldest brother. His name is Jindra. He is 12 years old. He attends hight school in Blovice. He has the same eyes as my father. He is slim and often pale. He likes playing games on the computer or reading books. He plays the drums and accordion. We play at our music group together. He is diligent, when he wants to be diligent. He is wery cheerful, witty and crazy. We get on well.

I would like to talk about my second brother now. His name is Michal. He is 5 years old and he attends a kindergarten in Dvorec. He is very cute and cheerful. He is small and slim. He is proud of his car collection. He likes to draw something or play board games.He is often shy, especially when he meet some stranger. I think he's a small copy of my first brother.

And what about me? I am 15 years old. I attend the same school as my brother Jindra. I play the guitar and keyboard. I like making photoes or reading books. Sometimes I write short poems and short stories in my leisure time. I like to read spiritual books. I mean that I like reading books about psychology , human life and his meaning. I have five best friends, without which I couldn't be. Thaťs everything about my family and me.

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